Management Consulting.

The Uriel Corporation Think Tank prides itself on providing clients management consulting services that target commercial interests.

These services are designed and geared to help clients provide innovative products and services designed for their markets with disruptive new-twist functionalities.

Uriel works as an ad-hoc advisory consulting company that can serve as an extension to your company’s upper management team to help guide your company in perfecting its innovation initiatives and to help your team launch new product lines. These services take advantage of Uriel’s internal experts and also include the expertise of various Uriel alliances.

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Other Consulting.

Other Services of Uriel Corporation are Visionary Website Development and Maintenance & Consulting Services that can add significantly to your Vision.

These consulting services can give clients a global preemptive competitive advantage by adding Inspired Creativity to projects. Uriel can provide many Value-added Consulting Services, and other Services to clients.

Let Uriel Corporation build and manage your website.

Website Development Pricing varies depending on what your project requires.

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Email Campaign Consulting Services.

The first step in executing an Email Consulting Engagement is to develop an online marketing campaign. This typically begins by compiling a viable subscriber list either from a physical sign up form in a store or office and offer subscriptions on a website. Other ways to build a subscriber list are to get email addresses through salesperson contact and to develop such information and add it to a corporation’s CRM system.

The best business and email marketing practices today forbids the use of purchased email address lists due to the high rate of spam complaints and the risk of being black-listed by all the major email providers.

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Since 1993


The Uriel Corporation® Think Tank’s expertise is in Research & Development, Product Development & Commercialization,  Management Consulting, other Think Tank Consulting Services, Website Development, and Email Campaign Services.

Since it was founded in 1984, Uriel has developed an array of high-end Think Tank Services and proprietary products. Over the years, Uriel’s development focus has resulted in the development of a broad array of low-tech to high-technology products that Uriel is actively commercializing through its own corporate and subsidiary development operations.  Uriel’s expertise and the expertise of its alliance partners allows Uriel to engage in every aspect of proprietary product development and commercialization to help clients develop and launch product lines having unique disruptive innovative functionalities.

Further details on how Uriel develops and engages with Clients to develop Disruptive Technology can be seen on this link: Disruptive Commercialization Services.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our clients and customers.


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