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Our Approach

Our management team’s “philosophy” or “vision” is to add life and to empower your Vision and help you grow your specific business. Uriel Corporation doesn’t just build a website, it brings in its expert management team’s consulting experience. This benefits every aspect of a new product or services oriented website launch. It also assists entrepreneurs in their commercial ventures.

Uriel can assist with:
*business plans,
*marketing plans,
*media plans,
*financial consulting,
*product development ventures,
*patent engineering,
*patent brokering & licensing,
*alliance development,
*CRM systems implementation,
*email and telemarketing campaign management,
*internet and corporate advertising,
*informational website development,
*e-commerce website development,
*blog development, and
*Equity Crowd Funding Campaigns.

Our Story

Uriel Corporation began as an Engineering & Development Think Tank in 1984 and has been involved in brainstorming and developing patentable low-tech, middle-tech, and high-tech innovations for the commercial marketplace since its inception.  Since its beginning, Uriel has been involved in every aspect of the commercialization process, taking ideas that have been refined from Think Tank Brainstorming Sessions and turning them into viable commercial ventures and or websites for itself and for clients.

Ever since its incorporation, Uriel’s focus has been in developing innovative patentable products and technologies. Since it’s founding, Uriel has researched countless products, markets, and manufacturing methods. In addition, Uriel Team members have gone to countless trade shows to keep abreast of new manufacturing methods, products and services. Further, over the years, Uriel has developed many data and internet resources and alliances that benefit internal and external or collaborative Think Tank projects.

As things have progressed, Uriel has developed and is developing many management consulting services. These services are aimed at creating and developing new ventures and to further develop existing ventures for internal Think Tank Projects and for client interests. Uriel is actively pursuing new ventures and teaming arrangements with parties interested in further developing Uriel’s Think Tank Projects. Further, Uriel is actively pursuing the development of further proprietary ventures where Uriel can form alliances and lend its visionary insights towards developing disruptive innovative products and services. Since inception, Uriel’s design and venture focus has been aimed at strategic niche markets and alliances. Since its beginning, Uriel’s roots have been based on new-twist proprietary product and technological pursuits. Today, Uriel’s research is also aimed to focus and target product innovations and services that can disrupt industries.

Meet the Management Team

Peter J. Panopoulos, President, CEO, Founder, Upper Management Team Member
Peter J. Panopoulos, President, CEO, Founder; Strategic Innovation Management Consultant – Project Director, Upper Management Team Member

Peter J. Panopoulos

Strategic Innovation Management Consultant – Project Director

Uriel’s Website Development Services actually began in 1984 concurrently with the launch of the Uriel Corporation Think Tank and its now current websites:,,,,,

Website development services began in 1984 with developing a Think Tank website to launch Peter’s vision of products containing features well beyond those currently offered by other companies in the industry. During that period Peter has worked with Dr. Gordon P. Ramsey and has interfaced and engaged with many others, to patent and develop products. In addition to engaging in product development and product commercialization ventures, Peter has worked on many Uriel Website Development Activities, CRM Systems Implementation, on many internal Product Development & Commercialization Uriel Think Tank Projects, on Client Website Projects and ventures and has engaged in management consulting activities.

Peter brings over 33 years of experience in website development, research, product development, patent engineering, and management consulting to client projects. Peter’s vision and experience in these areas, including researching tens of thousands of competitive products, and having visited over 150 trade shows, brings him a unique insight and advantage to companies and entrepreneurs that are looking to develop and launch product or service oriented ventures and websites.

John S.

COO & CFO, a Contractor

John, a Contractor, comes to Uriel with 38 years in financial and general management. He has spent the most recent 12 years as a general consultant and a fractional CFO for both established and start-up companies, in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and distribution. In addition, John’s early experience began with him serving for 5 years as an Arthur Andersen & Co. auditor. The 22 years in between were spent in private industry as controller, CFO and COO, most significantly as Chief Financial Officer of a $1.1 billion division of a major US corporation.

VP of Engineering Research Development, Upper Management Team Member
Gordon P. Ramsey, VP of Engineering Research Development, a Contractor, Upper Management Team Member

Gordon P. Ramsey

VP of Engineering & Development, a Contractor

Gordon, a Contractor, is behind the science that is behind the products of Uriel. He has taught physics for over 40 years, the last 34 of which as a professor at Loyola University in Chicago. In addition, Gordon is a highly respected member of America’s physics and teaching communities, and was recognized as a Fellow of the American Association of Physics Teachers in 2014. Gordon has also recently been elected as a Distinguished Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He has also conducted research and continues to do research as a visiting scientist at Argonne National Laboratory since 1986 and he has been involved with Fermilab. Further, Gordon has authored over five dozen publications, and has been invited to speak at dozens of universities and other organizations all over the world. Gordon has also served as President of the A.A.P.T. (the American Association of Physics Teachers).

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